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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Big Happy Ending | Buffy/Spike, Fred | Fred observes. Set in "Damage".

Dirty Little Secret | Buffy/Spike | All human AU. Buffy Summers’ boyfriend, Spike Pratt, is sixteen years older than her. And that’s not the only problem in their relationship.

Killer Attraction | Buffy/Spike | Set in Season One's 'Witch'. Buffy tells Willow, Xander and Giles how she "started" the fire in her old school after an attack from two members of the Aurelian clan.

Lie to Me | Buffy/Spike | All Human AU. Sixteen year old Buffy meets twenty-three year old Spike at the Bronze and they spend one night together. Buffy leaves before Spike wakes up, expecting to never see him again. What happens when they meet again in a different city?

A Little Late Night Fang | Buffy, Spike | Season 7. Set after Spike and Buffy take the potentials to the demon bar in “Potential.”

A Long Road Ahead | Dawn/Xander | Post-Chosen. Dawn and Xander find comfort in one another in a hotel room.

Out of Reach | Buffy/Spike | Goes AU from “Wrecked”. After an explosion, Buffy is left with no long-term memory. Until her memory comes back, she needs to learn what it is to be a slayer, and why she feels so drawn to the blond vampire. (WIP)

Playing Dirty | Buffy/Spike | Angel O'Toole enlists the help of his girlfriend Buffy Summers when his English professor Spike Thompson threatens his perfect GPA with bad marks. Spike is still recovering from the heartbreak of losing his fiancee, Drusilla, when Buffy comes into his life. Will Buffy stick to the plan or end up falling for her boyfriend's teacher? (Kind of a retorical question, huh?)

Price Tag | Dawn, Xander | Post-"Chosen". Dawn and Xander go shopping.

Time to Tell | Buffy/Spike | Buffy feels a little differently about telling her friends post-“Smashed”. Takes place a month after “Smashed.”

Trust Me | Buffy/Spike | Future drabble.

How I Met Your Mother

Baby Come Back | Barney/Lily | Barney goes to San Francisco to take Lily home.

The Vampire Diaries

Breathe for Me | Damon/Elena | Written for tvd smutathon
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