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Still unspoiled for seasons three and on!

All right so season two opens and Peggy has given away her baby to her sister? I was almost 100% positive she wouldn't be keeping him on her own so that didn't shock me so much. Don is still being an asshole and sleeping with Bobbie Barrett. First of all is he kidding? Why does he insist on stepping out on Betty who is BEAUTIFUL with these women who don't even remotely compare to her?

THEN Betty finds out (or gets confirmation because she'd be an idiot not to suspect anything) Don slept with Bobbie. For the rest of the season the guy is out on his ass, and NOW he doesn't feel the need to have extramarital affairs (excluding the one chick he slept with in Cali)? It was pretty wild to see Don Draper, the man with a plan, so totally lost. He takes off to California for THREE WEEKS? I wonder if this will change him at all in the upcoming seasons. Unfortunately I really doubt it.

BETTY IS PREGGOS. Wow how ironic is that? On a random side note, why did she set up the lunch date between the man and woman she rides with? I felt like there was a storyline going with Arthur (who is Nolan from Revenge! Literally just placed him right this second.) - like Betty was going to hook up with him or something, and then she manipulates the situation so her married friend is tempted to cheat? Obviously it's not completely Betty's fault, but I found it very odd.

Joan is engaged to the "perfect man" except he basically rapes her on the carpet in Don's office. I was waiting for her to go back to Sterling ever since he left his wife. When he said he was in love I really thought he meant Joan, but he meant the random tarty secretary? Yeah, that's gonna work out well for him...

Pete continues to amuse me. I love how child-like he is (he's obviously very good at playing someone petulant). All Don has to do is give him a fake compliment and he is GIDDY. Completely ridiculous, but I love it. His relationship with Trudy and her parents is also amusing. What the hell has he gotten himself into??

PEGGY AND PETE. I cannot believe she told him she gave his baby up! And all of a sudden he's so in love with her because the marriage he thought was going to give him everything has all gone to hell? He's very immature, emotionally and otherwise. But, seriously I did not think she was going to tell him EVER. Cannot wait to see how that plays out next season.

I'm enjoying the political references - JFK, Castro/Cuba, Marilyn, etc. I had a feeling Kurt was gay and it is pretty damn obvious Sal is too! I felt bad for him when they were bashing Kurt in the break room.
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