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This will be brief because it's been a few days since it ended and I just wanna get some general thoughts out:

-I find it weird, but totally in character that Peggy drops a bomb like that on Pete and then neither of them acknowledge it.
-I'm enjoying the relationship between Don and Peggy. It strikes me as big brother-little sister.
-Roger and Jane make absolutely NO SENSE. He needs to be with Joan ASAP.
-Joan's husband is a giant douche. LOVED it when she broke the vase over his head.
-The secretary mowing over that guys foot was DISGUSTING!

Okay so that leaves us with Betty/Don. I really never expected her to leave his ass (until I spoiled myself). I have to say it makes me respect her so much more than I already did. He thought he could run around on her, and she's like ABSOLUTELY NOT. But it's kinda heartbreaking that the straw that broke the camel's back was his secrets! Don't keep that shit in your house, Draper!

I'd love to know what everyone thought of that whole thing. Don's all ready to go on some illicit vacation with Suzanne (who sucks, btw) then Betty drops this bomb on him and he's pale as a ghost and sweating profusely cuz SHE KNOWS. She knows and it's over and is that him finally remorseful? Because he got caught or because he genuinely cares about losing his family? Was Betty someone who'd always be there, until she wasn't?

I legit cried when they told the kids and Bobby's like "Daddy I don't want you to go."

And then there was this joyful bit:
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