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Um. Wow. From start to finish the entire show was amazing. From the start I really liked Walter and Jesse's relationship. IDK if it ever really got to a friendship, but they absolutely cared about each other up until the very end. Plus, it cracked me up that Jesse always referred to his partner as "Mr. White".

I've seen a good amount of hate for Skylar. I have to admit in the beginning I really wasn't sure if I liked her, and I didn't for a while. She was annoying in the beginning, and I don't think I actually really liked her until she found out about what Walt was doing? She was so back and forth the entire show, though. And honestly if she really despised what Walt had become why didn't she pack the kids up and leave? (Because then there'd be no show, I know.) In the last season when Marie comes to her when Walt has been "arrested" she turns against Walt so quickly, but then when he comes back and says good-bye to Holly she watches him almost nostalgically. IDK, but I'd be interested to hear what the discussion was like when the show was airing.

Some of my favorite episodes were the ones where nothing big happened. Like the episode when Walt and Jesse had to kill the fly because it was contaminating the lab. But then I liked the episodes where EVERYTHING happened like when Gus takes Jesse to Mexico and kills EVERYONE, when Hank dies (how did I not see that coming?!), when Walt blows Gus up, when Jane dies.

I liked the message that I got from the show--every time Walt struck it big making all this money by selling drugs, it was taken away from him. Not that the almost $10 million is anything to scoff at, but he lost a hell of a lot of the money he made and in the end it destroyed his entire family's life. The show certainly did not glamorize the life of drug dealers, which I appreciated. It felt really real.

When it was over I felt like poor Holly...

So talk to me! I'd love to hear what y'all thought of the show, especially if you were watching it when it was airing.
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