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I had so much fun writing those drabbles for Maddie and Laura that I'd like to repost the offer. Just go here and reply to that post if you'd like one.
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A little drabble set in Playing Dirty. 109 Words.

Buffy’s eyes followed him as he walked across the quad towards the English building. A faint flush crept along the back of her neck as she replayed the events of just that morning in her mind.

"Oh, God...Spike...Harder!"

She was deliciously sore in all the right places.

"I bet he’s kinky."

Lost in her daydream, she hadn’t heard her friends discussing the object of her lusty thoughts.

Anya continued, Faith nodding in agreement. "I’m talking whips and spanking and biting and..."

Buffy smiled secretively to herself, the bite mark he’d left on her shoulder tingling as she thought of their tryst in his office earlier that day.

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For [profile] enchantress4eva:

Hips Don't Lie
100 Words
Set in S6 During an alternative "Hell's Bells". Xander and Anya did get married, and this takes place during their reception.

Buffy expected their eyes on her when she accepted his invitation, but they were all too busy to notice. Too caught up in their own lives to notice a new development in hers.

Care to dance, pet?

As they moved to the music, Buffy couldn’t believe how intimate it felt. Her head tentatively resting on his chest, his arm holding her waist, their hands entwined. Their hips brushing against each other as they moved along their square on the dance floor.

Something had changed between them.

Their bodies touching was no longer distant or indifferent.

It was comfortable.


I'm sorry it took me so long to come out with that! It's my first drabble so please let me know what you think. I still have one to do for [profile] sanity_oasis, my wonderful beta for Playing Dirty. Don't worry I'm working on it!!


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