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I was looking at Veronica Mars movie pictures and I saw don't read if you don't like spoilers )

I wish we got to see more of Logan & Duncan's bro-mance. We get sneak peeks, but nothing really substantial. And I am a huge sucker for bro-mances.

Can anyone rec me a fic (or write me one *puppy eyes*) that takes place in the alternate universe in "Not Pictured"? Logan/Veronica, please. I was searching for LoVe long!fics, but there doesn't seem to be many out there, unfortunately.
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therefore I will be getting absolutely nothing done today.

One of my favorite Spike episodes (and episode in general). But it had me thinking: can anyone think of a fic where Spike or Buffy bring up when Spike told her she'd love Angel forever (a Spuffy fic, naturally)?
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Almost exactly one month since I've posted on here.  I AM DEEPLY SHAMED.  I don't even have a good reason for my absence, other than lack of fic/anything interesting to say.  I just quit my job on Monday.  I know it sounds crazy being that the economy sucks and I was lucky to even have a job, but it was a full-time babysitting gig, and it was ABSOLUTE torture!  The kid was out of control and literally abusing me, and I just could not put up with is another day!  It's getting seriously depressing that I can't find a steady job.  I have a Master's degree that's leading me NOWHERE, and I can't even seem to land an interview for anything outside of my field (education).  Knowing I'm not alone helps a little but at the same time I'm almost 27 with no signs of a career in my immediate future and it's SCARY!

Switching gears here - I was watching the season finale of TVD (yes, AGAIN!) and I had a question.  When Tyler and Caroline say goodbye before he "dies" is Klaus already in Tyler's body?  Because at that point we've seen Klaus staked, and Rebekah is almost already back in Mystic Falls.  And Tyler telling Caroline she'll have a "beautiful life" just sounds Klaus-y to me.  Has this already been discussed?  (Probably - I'm always late to the party :( )

As for my lack of fic writing you may be asking what the heck else are you doing with your time on the internet?  Well [livejournal.com profile] whedonland is still consuming a lot of my time.  I'm so sad this is the last round, and I've only been involved once before!!  I just saw on my F-list that I missed submitting to a challenge that happened to be very time consuming.  Pretty annoyed about that, but oh well.  I'm also still up to my ears in fic I missed out on during my five years away from fandom.  I also seem to be rereading a lot of stuff I read in the past, and that I've read in the last year of being back.  Like The Secret of the Boy You Never Kissed by [livejournal.com profile] minxdelovely. Such a great story that I had to reread it when she started reposting it to her LJ.  I also caught up on Yours, William and it's sequel My Elizabeth by [livejournal.com profile] thepuddinhead.  Sad to see it come to an end, but really excited to see what she has in store for William and Buffy.  Right now I'm also reading Some Cold Lovin', Las Vegas Style by Bloodshedbaby.  Can't believe I haven't read all of BSB's work, but I definitely don't remember reading this before.  I also have her story Stranded waiting in the wings for when I finish.  As always I'd love some recs.  I'm definitely forgetting to mention other fics I've read in the last month, but these are in the forefront of my mind.  I really want to start [livejournal.com profile] rahirah's Barbverse, but I'm so intimidated by the size of it!  Also on that list is The Unexpected Universe series, so hopefully I'll be getting around to those soon.  

I want to get back into Out of Reach, and I've been working on a sequel to Lie to Me which is going to be very different from the first one.  The problem is I have to many freaking plot bunnies running around in my head that it's hard to focus on just one at a time.  I'm trying to write the sequel to Lie to Me in parts as they come to me which is something I haven't done before.  We'll see how that works out, and hopefully I'll have something new to share soon!

Lastly, and WOW was that a long post!, I've started watching Veronica Mars.  I'm only four episodes in, but I'm enjoying it and hopefully Soapnet lets me finish the entirety of the show before it goes off the air!

Okay that's it.  How is everyone else's summer going?  Eljay seems to be pretty dead lately so I hope you're all enjoying!  
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The smartest thing Ringer could do would be to have James Marsters guest star.  Not only would it be smart for them, but it'd be AWESOME for me!!  I'd be all like...
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You're gonna be like "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" after you hear my question BUT, I don't know the answer so I'm askin' anyway :D

From the interviews and such I've seen of JM, it seems like he doesn't like SMG very much.  This makes me sad, because-HELLO-Spuffy!  Obviously, I know JM and SMG are real people and not Spike and Buffy, but it still makes me sad to think they don't like each other.  Does anyone know anything more about this?  If I'm crazy just tell me, but like I said I've seen things that have made me go hmmm...For example I just recently watched a video of JM and Juliet Landau at some convention, and JM makes comments about how he loved working with JL as Drusilla and other comments about how he didn't like the Spuffy story line because at the time he couldn't see Buffy actually getting with Spike, and he it took him a while to believe Spike would fall for her.  That's only one example.

Am I crazy?  Does anyone have concrete evidence to support my claim?  Either way I'd love to hear some thoughts on this even though I'm SURE this has been discussed TO DEATH!
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...but, instead I'm watching Angel and SMG movies.  I just watched Suburban Girl for the first time.  The thought of SMG getting with Alex Baldwin kinda grossed me out at first, but I actually ended up liking them together.  It was a pretty decent movie overall.  Any thoughts on it?

I've also been watching Angel for a couple of weeks now, DVRing it on TNT.  I'm finally up to S5 which means it's almost SPIKE TIME!!  I've never seen S5 before so I'm very excited about it.  I like Angel(us) so much more than when he was on Buffy.  I'm pretty much in love with all the characters, it's hard to choose a favorite...Wesley is just amazinggggg!  I love his scruffy sexiness.  He's so smart and the sexual tension/chemistry between him/Lilah and him/Fred is DELICIOUS!  Speaking of Lilah, Eve is a terrible substitute for her.  I was completely skeeved out by the Cordy/Connor relationship...Angelus was dead on with the mommy issues.  I guess technically she's only 4 years older than him, but she definitely didn't look like a 22 year old on the show!  Can anyone tell me why Cordy left the show?  

Lorne...Fred...Gunn...I like them all, too.  Wasn't really very fond of Fred/Gunn, but I guess they weren't terrible together.  I particularly like how petite Fred is, but she's always down for the fight.  She was a bit annoying when she first got back from Pylea, but I've really grown to like her a lot.  

Has anyone ever done a comparison between the characters on Angel and the characters on Buffy?  I'd be interested to see comparisons between Lilah/Wes and Buffy/Spike.  As I was watching, I noticed some similarly disfunctional undertones...

Anyway, like I said I really should be writing.  There are only one or two more chapters in Playing Dirty and I already have a sequel in mind, so I need to stop being so lazy and get back to work!!  
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Has anyone else noticed how many people from BtVS are guest stars on How I Met Your Mother??

Andrew - a barista
Mayor Wilkins - Ted's mom's boyfriend, Clint
Spike's mother - clerk at bridal shop
Wesley - Robin's co-anchor Sandy
Fred (from Angel) - Penelope

I feel like there are more...


May. 26th, 2011 04:50 pm
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Very random thought, but I have started watching Angel and I absolutely love Darla.  I've never watched all of Angel before and I know that Darla gives birth to Connor because it seems like whenever I catch Angel re-runs it's the episodes with Jasmine or when Cordelia's pregnant, but I've never seen the episodes in season 2 with Darla and Drusilla.  I didn't have much of an opinion on Darla from BtVS, but watching her on Angel I think she's great.  I'm obviously not a Buffy/Angel fan and I think Darla/Angel(us) is a much better pairing!  I'm DVRing episodes of Angel and can't wait to finally watch all the seasons.  I'm excited to finally see Spike in Season 5!


May. 9th, 2006 01:14 pm
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I am so freakin hungry! It's one of those hungries where I'm making food and want a snack to hold me over until my popcorn chicken's done... I really need to prepare a little bit more for bikini season!

That's all I really have to say. I feel like I never post anything besides fics and nobody's around much anymore. I guess everyone being busy is a good thing (or not I guess, depending on why you're busy). Today was my last day of classes and I have two finals on Monday and then I'm school free until I start the summer session May 29th. I don't WANT to take summer classes, but I have to so I can finish up my two years and move on! (And hopefully declare a major?)

I'm working on Playing Dirty and my Stepmom fic. Sometimes I can sit at the computer and put out five chapters in one night and most of the time other times I can barely get out 500 words.

I don't think I can type anymore, but this has gotten my mind off my popcorn chicken so it's probably burnt right now :(
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Can anyone tell me what the name of that song in Conversations With Dead People is? It's playing in the beginning and the end of the episode. Thanks.
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I'm going to put this behind a cut, because while I'm pretty sure everyone in this fandom has watched the entire series of Buffy, I don't want to ruin anything for those that haven't.


Proceed. )

Oh, and I also want to show off new icons [livejournal.com profile] break_me_love made for me, they're awesome!



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