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According to US Weekly, Ringer deserves a bigger fanbase.  I couldn't agree more!  If you're not watching, it's not too late to get into.  I love Bridget, hate Siobhan (although that could change...too early to tell really).  Plus, the show has some great guest stars such as Amber Benson, Jason Dhoring, and Misha Collins from Supernatural will be appearing in a future episode.  Andrea Roth guest stars in tonight's episode, playing Andrew's ex-wife.  Looks like it's going to be a good episode!

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You're gonna be like "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" after you hear my question BUT, I don't know the answer so I'm askin' anyway :D

From the interviews and such I've seen of JM, it seems like he doesn't like SMG very much.  This makes me sad, because-HELLO-Spuffy!  Obviously, I know JM and SMG are real people and not Spike and Buffy, but it still makes me sad to think they don't like each other.  Does anyone know anything more about this?  If I'm crazy just tell me, but like I said I've seen things that have made me go hmmm...For example I just recently watched a video of JM and Juliet Landau at some convention, and JM makes comments about how he loved working with JL as Drusilla and other comments about how he didn't like the Spuffy story line because at the time he couldn't see Buffy actually getting with Spike, and he it took him a while to believe Spike would fall for her.  That's only one example.

Am I crazy?  Does anyone have concrete evidence to support my claim?  Either way I'd love to hear some thoughts on this even though I'm SURE this has been discussed TO DEATH!
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Ringer is one of the choices for this year's Fan Favorite cover of TV Guide Magazine.  Go here to vote for your favorite show.  You can vote as many times as you like.
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Last night I watched Chance and The Air I Breathe.  

Let's talk about Chance first...

Behind a cut just in case )

After that I watched The Air I Breathe...

Behind a cut just in case )

Speaking of SMG...Is anyone watching Ringer?  I have to say it is definitely getting better with each episode. The rest behind a cut just in case )


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